Harmony 15 auto patch problem

So I’ve been using harmony 15 for about a week and I just found out a problem in this new version. When I use the auto patch node for my arm, the colour art layer overlays the lineart layer of the arm which denies the purpose of auto patcher. Is this a bug or something?
Here are the images: https://imgur.com/a/Ll6pt
Every lineart layer uses the same pencil line size.

Can you make a video example of what’s occurring? It’s kinda hard to see what you mean from the image, it looks like its doing exactly what that organization is supposed to be doing there. Maybe you z-shifted the sleeve if that’s where the problem is?

You’re right, sorry, I misunderstood. I’ll have to check later if something like that happens with me because at home I don’t have v.15. From your capture it’s not very clear that the auto-patch is eating up the line-art of the drawing.

Yes the method is still the same I’ve done it like a lot of times but in this version the color art layer which i apply the auto patch node to somehow overlaps the line art layer of the same drawing. It’s not supposed to be like that.

The auto-patch node is basically a filter with the colour-art adjusted to the inside contour of the pencil line. It will cover whatever element you place it over. You might also use it as a mask/cutter connected to the line-art you want to mask, instead of connecting it to the composite as a patch. For that technique you would have to separate the layer you want to mask with Colour-Art and Line-Art nodes. Using the auto-patch as mask instead of patch will also work better when moving elements on the Z-axis.

Are you seeing a different behaviour comparing with a previous version of the software? Sorry if I misunderstood something.

Here the reference for standard use from the docs:

Luis Canau

Oops. There was actually no problem with the auto patcher. The arm’s line looks thin when it’s small but when I use a camera to zoom in it’s actually fine.