Harmony 15 and the cutter node

in preview information detailing upcoming features in harmony 15, it is mentioned that the cutter has been “replaced” with a new mask input port on content and filter nodes:


“…a new Mask port on filter and drawing nodes that replaces cutter nodes – simplifying the node tree.”

while this sounds like a useful change, i’m hoping this actually means that the cutter node is still present in the node library as a secondary/legacy option.

if toonboom has indeed removed the cutter node, what does this mean for existing projects that utilize the cutter node, sometimes quite extensively? if this is the case, i’m sure i am not the only customer that STRONGLY requests that the cutter node be re-established as an available node.

toonboom, please respond, and explain the fallback if there is no longer a cutter node (what happens to projects that have cutter nodes, etc.) if the same, good ol’ cutter node is still available in h15 (in addition to the mask port), then i apologize for the knee jerk reaction (though the marketing bullet-point does imply that the cutter has been purged.) i’m afraid of h15 breaking my existing projects, as i almost always use many cutter node instances throughout.

Not that I have any idea how it will be handled, when they changed the deformation tools they provided a script to convert previous rigs.

Give them a chance to release the upgrade.

We have waited long enough.

Conjecture is bad for your health.

Whatever the consequences they are not going to change plans at this stage in time.

If this new mask port leads to the end of the world nothing will matter anyway.