Harmony 14 pro -EXTREME LAG drawing

Hello I just got Harmony, I work on a good gaming computer and have previously used several programs such as storyboard pro, photoshop, even zbrush but the lag in just drawing anything is dismaying. It takes a good 5 seconds to show what the strokes even are and just lags in general—really wondering if it’s an issue on subscribing to the ‘best’ option available or just the version is laggy. Would love to have tips on how to handle this, thanks!

Generally, Harmony runs smoothly unless you overload it with things like complex rigs, lots of layers, deformers and extended scenes.

I read a lot of posts in the forum and such problems have been sourced to something in a user’s system.

You should describe your system.

I’ve posted issues and solutions for pen problems in Toon Boom products:

Hey thank you so much! I’m having trouble with the first step however, the interface for the newest harmony pro is a little confusing and i can’t find the GL window you’re looking for (i found a tab in preferences but it doesn’t show what you mentioned though) http://imgur.com/a/2v81U could you point out if those are available here?? thank you so much for your help

Your settings are the correct way to do it. At the bottom of your Camera View, there are two gear-like icons. You want to have the left icon selected when drawing and you have done that.

Okay so I keep having the same issue, I just checked storyboard pro and it has THE SAME issue too! I don’t know what did it, this computer is new and runs really well with other programs, pen pressure etc. Here’s this video to showcase what the problem is, if i try drawing with mouse SAME issue https://twitter.com/Silvermender/status/893975843726213120 it’s consistently unbearable.

http://imgur.com/a/qY9th http://imgur.com/a/4gisD here’s my videocard information …please please I’d appreciate any help

I have seen your problem in my own machines in the past. You appear to be using a Wacom pen in the video.

There are a couple of things I would try:

Totally uninstall the pen drivers. Then, power down your machine and then start it up again.

Windows may install the correct drivers at that point. If this fails, see if you can find older drivers for your pen.

I have found that Wacom’s newer drivers often are a problem.

What kind of drawing pen and tablet are you using?

I do not believe this is a video card issue. I believe it is an issue with the tablet and pen drivers.

To do a good uninstall, go into the “Apps & Features” and uninstall anything that says Wacom or pen.

(By the way, it might be good to have a WIRED USB mouse attached so you don’t make your machine unusable.)

Then go into “Device Manager” and look in “Human Interface Devices” . Look for anything that says Wacom or Pen or Touch and right click and Uninstall it.

Power down totally. Then restart your machine to boot it up. Then install the pen drivers that you’ve downloaded.

If you are using something like a Lenovo or Fujitsu, USE their drivers! Don’t grab Wacom drivers, just because it is a Wacom pen!

These problems happen to me every few months and I rarely learn why they happened. Presumably a Windows Update makes key changes. It may take a few hours, but keep tinkering.

Please post specifics: Windows 10? Wacom Cintiq?

Hey Steve, I tried already doing something similar reinstalling the wacom drivers several times until they work fine (but won’t work with storyboard pro or harmony) I am using a Cintiq 21X DTK it’s worked before for SB Pro on another computer, a windows 8 that updated to win 10. My current laptop is a windows 10 --i’ll attempt the process again