Harmony 14: License Wizard Error

Small issue, when I try to open Harmony it opens the Licensing Wizard and says it can’t update my subscription. I had this problem once, to which I got a sassy reply basically saying “Log in, you godamned doofus”. And it worked the first time around. Now, when I try to log into my account, it gives me Error 7343: License Expired, when my account says my subscription is active. I am on an auto-pay setup for every month. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

Just log in, you godamned doofus. Haha joking :slight_smile: I hope it wasn’t “Log in, you godamned doofus” I think Support is going to have to help you with this.

It is really easy to mistake responses in writing and especially online. I have come back and reread things and realized I overlooked one word or the misread whole statement initially believing it had a completely different tone…not specifically Toon Boom content but generally everywhere on forums and in personal email.

A lot of times the people in support are just going through and answering a string of emails or posts and wiring brief descriptions of what comes to mind as possible solutions, needing more information or ideas bearing further research.

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