Harmony 14.0 Premium keeps crashing

I just got Harmony not too long ago for a college project, and I was hoping to get started on my work, but I can’t even get onto Harmony without it crashing on me. I try to create a scene, it crashes, I try to open a scene, it crashes. I went to the file that I need to work on and tried to open it from there, it never opens. I am at a lost here on what to do. I need to get started on this project really soon.

My college uses Toon Boom software, including Harmony, and lots of the students there are having these problems too with Toon Boom. I don’t really know these crashes are happening, but my school has new tablets/computers, and my own laptop is not a very old one, it runs just fine.

Please help? Thank you.

I think its best to contact support.
Often when things like this happens has to do with the graphic card not being good enough.