Harmony 13 tease


I just caught this tweet mentioned the upcoming new release of Harmony, saying there will be “more information shortly”. The tweet has one month now. Apparently it will not be called “Harmony”. I hope the vague reply won’t suggest it will be numbered 14 a la Windows 10 (I like things that make sense). I wonder if after rebranding the whole product line a new similar radical change will happen. If it’s the case, it will mean substantial improvements and amazing new features.

Luis Canau

My guess is that they’ll call it “Harmony 2016” but I expect to be proved wrong!

nice im looking forward to testing the new features

Neat. Hope there’s gonna be high res support, even though that’s nothing top priority.

ohhh very nice! let’s see the improvements :wink:

I agree with the person who said Harmony 2016, that one makes sense, especially since they’re doing the sort of annual subscription model now!

Incidentally, the reason that Windows went from 8 to 10 is that when a lot of software does the version check for Windows they just use “Windows 9*” as a catch-all for Windows 95, 98 etc. so anything with a 9 in it sets off the version checker and it thinks it’s an old version. So there is a sort of weird logic there. :slight_smile:

I’m kind of happy with Harmony the way it is now, can’t think of much more they can improve.

“Harmony 2016” …Using a year to demarcate a version automatically obligates you to update annually. It creates unnecessary pressure to produce an upgrade for its own sake. It also instantly appears due/past due when the next year kicks in and may cause some people to delay a purchase in anticipation of the next release.

Committing to annual releases jeopardizes quality as you are more apt to compromise in order to make a deadline. I believe most people would agree that commitment to quality releases is more important than commitment to annual releases. I want to see worthy major upgrades and multiple minor updates that refine features and fix bugs.

I think the Harmony version numbering system used thus far has worked sufficiently.

Agreed, and you end up using software called for instance ‘… 2013’, but it’s 2015, it’s still the last version and it sounds outdated so let’s just make a new version changing the icons design. Numbering versions works pretty well, I also dislike calling version animal or flowers names or whatever, like the releases for Mac or Android systems, sounds a little childish in my view.

Luis Canau

what’s so bad about childish naming, how does it change performance, the naming problem is in your head in my view.

So it is really 14. No details that I can find yet, only that it’s “the best ever”. But that we already knew.



Thanks for sharing lcanau.