Harmony 12 upgrade from Essentials to Advanced to Premium .. Costs?

Hi Guys,

I notice once logged in one can see the costs of upgrading to Harmony 12 from TB Studio and Animate BUT the price is not available if one was to buy Harmony 12 essentials now and then after a while decide to upgrade to Advanced or Premium.

I already own TB Studio and Animate.

I can upgrade from TB Studio to Harmony 12 essentials for $99


From Animate to Harmony 12 advanced for $199

I am initially considering upgrading to Harmony 12 essentials from TB Studio for $99 BUT how much would it cost me to then upgrade from Essentials to Advanced down the line if I felt the need for the extra features?

I am a hobbyist - so not making money out of my 2D stuff. If it is $99 now and $100 or less down the line to go to advanced, thats fine. If substantially more I will need to consider shelling out for advanced now even though I may not need it … To break up the cost would be nice though :smiley:

And yes, i know, i could download the essentials and advanced demos and try both BUT I am trying to short circuit that journey if possible …

I’m wondering right now… what would it cost to upgrade from Essentials to Advanced? Just interested as I don’t have Essentials.

If you are new to this platform it is cheaper to buy Animate Pro 3 and then upgrade to Harmony Premium. Harmony Advanced is a waste of time - it is missing too many features; the user guides for Advanced are actually the same as the guides for Premium so you can waste a lot of time trying to find menu items or buttons for features which the manual says you should have but which are actually not included in Harmony Advanced. It would seem likely that Harmony Advanced was created merely to provide justification for the 80% price increase from Animate Pro 3 to Premium Advanced.

There is no information that I can find on the website which explains the huge price increase from Animate Pro to Harmony Premium. Does anyone know what extra features are provided in Harmony Premium that are not in Animate Pro?

At US$1975 Harmony Premium is now a very expensive option. However, the muddled tutorials, inaccurate documentation and missing functionality make Harmony Advanced at US$975 a frustrating experience.

Animate Pro 3 is US$1199. If the upgrade is US$499 then buy Animate Pro and then upgrade it. Presumably, the reason that the upgrade prices are unavailable without a serial number is to discourage people from doing exactly this.

Alternatively, you can subscribe on a monthly basis. If you are careful, you can subscribe to the basic Harmony software while you do all your drawings and basic animations then change to Premium when you are ready to animate using the more advanced features. When you are not using the product you can cancel the subscription. If you are project-based this is possibly a viable, and cheaper, option.

However, I should point out that there is, currently, no obvious way to upgrade a monthly licence - presumably you have to cancel it and sign up for a different level.

As someone who is new to this platform, it seems to me that the restructuring of Harmony forces all Animate Pro users to move to the much more expensive Harmony Premium. If the upgrade is US$499 for existing users this might not be a big deal - assuming there is extra (and useful) functionality involved.

But for new users to the platform who would previously have purchased Animate Pro, the price increase is nearly 80%. Toon Boom must be confident about the advantages of their software compare to the competition, but I suspect that, for many, the huge price increase will turn users away.

Harmony Advanced appears to have been an afterthought and Toon Boom are still struggling to provide accurate documentation and tutorials for this level of the software. I suspect this version will be dropped - its hard to see who would use it, and its going to create lots of angry users who can’t find the functionality described in the user guides.

It is hard to imagine that Toon Boom could always have been so disorganised. But when your objective is to increase revenue rather than provide a better user experience this sort of outcome can be expected.

Toon Boom are being too tricky here. Upsetting the user base is never a good idea, even if most of your revenue comes from Disney.

In my first 2 weeks I have used 4 of my 24 annual support tickets in relation to questions about removed tutorials, out of sequence tutorials, missing pages in the user guides, wrong information in the Harmony Advanced User Guides, questions about upgrade path for subscriptions and other issues which relate to the muddled introduction of Harmony Advanced.

The Upgrade Centre page might answer your questions:

I’m just not sure if it’s working correctly. The upgrade from Essentials and Advanced to Premium seemed a bit disproportionate compared to the upgrade from Animate Pro.

I tried the upgrade center while logged in. It gives you an option to find a price from essentials to advanced but wont give you a figure unless you provide an essentials Serial Number first … chicken and the egg :smiley:

Simply click on your registered product and then see the price, you have to click next to set up payment. Better system than the old days of using copper wire to reach sales.

However, it is a tad confusing about upgrading from standard to premium if you have need to.

I can tell you this much, it is
$99 to get from Studio 7 to Harmony Essentials
$499 to get from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony Premium
$726 to get from Studio 7 to Harmony Advanced
$1726 from Studio 7 to Harmony Premium

Rough guess would be $650+ to get from Essentials to Advanced and $950+ to get from Advanced to Premium.

I dont think some of you guys are actually trying out what you are saying?

IF you login and go to the store, now click on buy now under Harmony Advanced. On next screen it offers upgrade prices from your current products over right. In my case I get offered:

Upgrades from:

Toon Boom Studio
Harmony Essentials

For TB Studio and Animate, once I click them they show me my serial underneath, I click that and i get my upgrade price.

However, if I click Harmony Essentials it tells me “You have no upgradable keys, Register Your Product”. Obviously I cannot because I dont own Harmony Essentials yet. The only way at the moment to know the upgrade price from Harmony Essentials to Advanced is to buy Essentials first … Get my drift now??

So SunbeamRapier,

Are you saying just buy Essentials?

I own Studio and Animate so can get a price break for either Essentials or advanced.

Am I still better off with Essentials at $99 I wonder as opposed to Advanced for $199?

Hi Aidanodr

I think the problem here is figuring out which level of the software includes which features. I have asked Toon Boom for a list of functionality in Harmony Premium which is not in Animate Pro 3 - but, as yet, I have not had an answer.

The other issue you will have is that the user guides and tutorials include functionality which is not in the lower priced versions. You can spend a lot of time looking for buttons, menu items or other functions which aren’t there.

The problem here is that there is really only one software program, which is Harmony Premium. The lower-priced levels just have functionality turned off - but you won’t know what is missing until you try to do something in a tutorial or in the user guide and find you don’t have that functionality.

There is a lot of functionality missing in Advanced - you can’t create your own textured brushes, for example, even though the user guide says you can. You should assume that additional functions are deleted from Essentials. You could try emailing Support and asking for a comprehensive list of functionality in each level, but I suspect they don’t have that list in a distributable form.

I have never seen an established software company get themselves into such a mess as Toon Boom has done with this release. It seems to have been done with such urgency, and the price rise for the high end version is so huge, that I wonder whether there are financial pressures behind the scenes.

You can download trial versions of Essentials and Advanced - but it will take you a long time to explore all the functionality so you may well find out that something you need is missing.

There are no easy answers here I am afraid…

$600 according to the link provided in another post:

I upgraded from Pro to Premium mainly for the Curve and Envelope Deformers. I knew of many exclusive features available in Harmony (Premium), however, I was surprised by how many things are better. Stay in touch with Toon Boom. If you ever reconsider upgrading to Premium I suggest that you wait for a major version release. The prices are often discounted for a short period and it is generally a better deal buying when a major version is released rather than in between.

Don’t go with Harmony Essentials, Advanced is a necessary program to be able to do what you were doing in Studio. I never worked in Animate but I guess be thankful you can get Harmony Advanced for $199. Sunbeam-if you ever see a silver lining on your experience, let me know. I’m still looking for one.

McD, no silver lining I’m afraid. In the end I cancelled my monthly subscription and I have decided not to do anything. I have to say that this organisation is the most inept and most unpleasant to deal with in all my 30+ years in IT. I have NEVER encountered such arrogance from people with so little to be arrogant about.


If they didn’t have the big studios they would be broke by now. And because they have the big studios they really don’t care what you and I think about them - so they feel that they can behave appallingly with impunity.

The bottom line is they want everyone on a monthly bill. They make more money that way.

For ToonBoom you are not a valued customer - just a support system for the wallet that you carry.

Although I agree with a lot of what you have said the price I was quoted for upgrading from Studio to Harmony 10.5 (or whatever it was just prior to 11 being released) was $1800. To buy, not upgrade, Harmony 12 Premium is $1975. That is not a huge increase.

Did you mean that the price difference between Harmony Advanced and Harmony Premium is huge? If so, that is debatable. Advanced is roughly $1000. Premium is an additional $1000. IMO the debate is whether either should cost this amount. If Advanced cost $500 and Premium $500 more it would be easier to understand that you are gaining desirable features and powerful capability. The current pricing is blinding to that realization.

I’ve never bothered this company for anything, until I needed to get Harmony by July 15 according to an e-mail in order to “take advantage” of the $99 upgrade special price. That price is still available, and still not worth it if you enjoy TBS. As people on this board will tell you, “You still get to have your TBS license.” Hooray? Where did my $99 go? New program interface? 64 bit? Faster? Will actually be suppoted in the future unlike TBS? Take a look at what Essentials has to offer against TBS and be careful.

This program made me love animation, but it’s turning out to be a very quick honeymoon.

Good luck Sunbeam, keep posting if you’ve got some insights.

I have Animate Pro. It was an expensive upgrade from Animate, and it feels like I bought abandonware. There’s no equivalent Harmony package, and only one upgrade option I can select from the website - an upgrade to Harmony Premium, which is US$776, or, at today’s prices, $1032 Canadian. That’s not my idea of a “good price”, and the added features over Animate Pro are not ones I personally have any use for. So I guess I’ll just stick with Animate Pro until it’s too old to use.