Harmony 12 sound issues

To start off by saying I enjoy Toon Boom harmony 12.2, it is a great software, however, I’ve been having issues with my sound. You see when I import my sound, it doesn’t show wave lengths at all period. Now mouths ago, the sound was working perfectly I was also able to see the wave lengths of my sound. Now I downloaded Harmony 15 free 21 trail and right away I created a animation and imported my sound, and just like I expected it, the sound works perfectly so I know it’s not my sound or my (cintiq), it’s the software giving me problems.
I need to fix this problem asap, because I don’t own Harmony 15, and I don’t wanna get use to it since I only have 20 more days left on free trail and once the free trail is over with, I’m back stuck with the problem again so I’m asking you please, do anyone knows how to fix this problem it really would be good help right about now. I just don’t want nothing like this to stop me from creating great animation, because issues like this can kill your drive. So anyone of you animators out their, please help me I really need it. I know I can’t be the only one going through this.