harmony 12 short cut keys

I’m trying Harmony 12 advanced, and I think that the shortcuts F and G have an issue, if I set my drawings in frames for example 1 and 7, while on 1 I press F and it jumps to frame 2 (no drawing) and pressing F again jumps for 7, meaning that it allways jumps from a drawing to the next frame and then the other drawing. Why is this happening?

its not a “mistake”, as it has been that way for the past few versions. It is giving the option to put a new drawing in, which can be frustrating, yes. my biggest gripe with F an G is that it also includes a drawing keyframe it would be nie if it skipped over those.

One of the most important thing to while animating is to flip drawings, and they just destroy it!
For me is almost impossible to use something like that, breaks my concentration and flow.

I know the reason.
you need press Ctrl+U, open Preferences window,
and click the General tab, disable the “Cycle Exposure” option.
and click OK button.