Harmony 12 Premium Reset Deform reseting ALL keyframes

In Harmony 11, while I was animating with curve deformers I could always hit the reset deform button and it would reset that deformer to it’s default position for that frame and that frame only. It was super handy to have. However, in Harmony 12 Premium the same button now resets the deformer… but resets it for EVERY frame. So if I just animated 200 frames of stuff and then click the Reset Deform button, it wipes out all those keyframes too, not just the frame I’m on. Why? Glitch? Or did they change how that button works now?

Is there some option I need to click in the preferences to make it work like it used to? Is there a new tool to reset the deformer for only that frame? Is my copy just messed up?

I’m assuming it’s a bug because they’re the same button. Even the tooltip text is the same.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to enter deformation setup mode every time I need to reset a character curve. Thanks for finding a workaround for now! Hopefully they’ll get it fixed with a patch or hotfix or something.

If you are in deformation setup mode and click the “reset deformation” button under “Operations” on the Tool Properties tab it will only reset the deformer on that keyframe. But if you click the “reset deformation” button on the deformation toolbar, (whether you’re in deformation setup or not) it will wipe all keyframes and animation. I think it might be a bug? It’s the same button so should work the same way all the time shouldn’t it?

this thread sure came in handy. I going nuts over this very issue and I remembered seeing a workaround someplace on these forums.

I enjoy the simplified deformers, but I do feel like a good chunk of flexibility was stripped out of them on doing so.