Harmony 12 playback issue

Just got a trial on harmony 12, im having an issue when playing my animation first playback is smooth then the next time it plays it starts to lag. Can anyone help me with this issue. Thanks

I’m having the same problem here! First time plays ok, after that, the preview’s frame rate change to something near 1 fps… even using just vector line drawings!

I’m really looking for a way to fix that, because it’s taking so much time to render and play every time that i need to watch my scene!

Sorry, but sounds like before you buying Harmony 12 update be ready to throw your video card in garbage :slight_smile:

The solution is as BenKG was saying before. Update to latest drivers for your video card if its not working buy a new video card

That’s not a computer problem that’s a Harmony 12 problem. Playback in my Toon boom animate was perfect. But after updating to Harmony 12 advanced, playback improper at all. Very slow, skipping frames and doesnt metter what framing is 12 or 30 it’s playing with same speed.

Harmony 12 has more features and effects than Animate which may account for the difference. Also are you loading something comparable or higher resolution/more frames?

Playback depends mainly on your graphic card hardware.

I was having the same problem. It is a Graphics Card Issue. You might need to update the driver or just get a new card.

This is getting really annoying! It’s an erratic condition on my machine. For example, everything works perfectly, but after shutting down Stage and restarting, playback is useless!

I’m having the same issue here on my iMac even though I have…

-AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB <----slightly better than the medium speed listed on Harmony’s system requirements
-3.4 GHz Intel Core i7
-16GB of ram

Funny thing is I also work on a laptop and it seems to work fine on it…
The laptop:
-2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
-Intel Iris Pro 1536MB <----slow according to Harmony’s system requirements
-16GB of ram

Also, I sent a message to support looking for help on this issue and never got a response.

My playback is lagging big time. Impossible to work with!

I’m using not one but two NVIDIA Quadro K5000, they’re 1600.- each.
Mac OS 10.10.4, Mac Pro 2 x 2.4 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 24 GB RAM. > 1TB empty space on the Main Drive (hybrid SSD).

Yes, I have also noticed the same! Toon Boom Animate 3 works really smoothly on my Macbook Pro (it is a late 2009 one though) but Harmony lags on playback. Even when you render and open with “Play!”

I’m having the same issue. At first, playback is fine. After scrubbing around a bit and changing a few keyframes/drawings everything slows to a grinding halt as far as playback in the viewer. This makes it near impossible to do lip sync. It’s almost as if the RAM is getting clogged up or something.

Is there any way to speed up playback in the viewer, or purge memory or cache or something to get an acceptable playback speed?

I’ve combed through every setting I can find relating to memory, antialiasing, etc etc and still run into this. It seems the only workaround right now is to restart Harmony every 5-10 minutes. Ugh.

Machine Specs:
27-inch iMac, Late 2012
3.4 GHz intel core i7
32 GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 -2048MB

2 bitmaps and 2 characters that are relatively simple with not a lot of drawings. Doesn’t seem at all complicated compared to what I do in after effects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve fallen in love with TB and don’t want to have to go back to AE for character animation!

On El Capitan there is a problem with scrubbing/playback performance when there
is a toolbar that has “hidden” options. To correct it, drag the toolbar to another
location on the toolbar area that allows you to see the entire toolbar. Save the
layout and close/re-open the program.

I had the same problem (ToonBoom Harmony 14). I solved it by turning off in Preferences > OpenGL > Playback Images > Enable Playback Caching (I unchecked it and restarted Harmony). After that each play of animation is smooth, no lag. Reinstalling newest driver for graphics card didn’t help me.

Hopefully this will be useful for someone.

Other solution might be to resize the window after each play this way you omit the caching as well but its troublesome for me to do it each time.

2 things:

1.) Try as someone here suggested- make sure there are no ‘hidden’ options on any of the toolbars- i.e.- make sure all the icons are visible.

2.) Make sure the X sheet window is removed. Not even collapsing it makes a difference. You must make sure it simply isn’t open in any form.

Essentially- this is a bug.
My computer has been able to handle some very complicated 3D scenes in the past with Harmony 14, yet has recently struggled with a comparatively simple setup with the buggy problems highlighted.

((( sorry i speak english a little ))
i change my harmony premium 12-- inter faces from hand drawing to animate
and the problem is solved immediately and the software become smooth again.