harmony 12 OpenFX / OFX plugin support list

seems like might be good to get a thread going about supported OFX plugins.

i just installed red giant universe, which currently provides OFX format to davinci resolve and nuke and some other OFX hosts, but no luck with harmony 12. i’ve already put a request in to red giant, perhaps toon boom can reach out to red giant and solidify this compatibility?

anyone else have failures/successes with OFX plugins? toon boom seems to only “officially” mention the genarts sapphire plugin. i’m excited about the OFX support feature, i’m comfortable with the compositing system inside of harmony, but i don’t think i have any supported plugins!

Particle Illusion 1.06 works and is super useful!
Anyone had any success with the old and now discontinued Particular OFX for Nuke? Or Optical Flares? These would be great additions…

great, thank you very much

Here are some resources for OFX. Some of them are free and work with Harmony.


I tried OpenFX in Harmony 12, amazing!
and each parameter can be customized,
ease in and ease out,
as built-in module!

p.s.Module Library & Network View
new name: Node Library & Node View
change is good.

I tried:
GenArts Sapphire OFX 8.1
GenArts Monsters GT OFX 7
particleIllusion OFX 1.06
Sapphire Edge OFX 2.03


I have access to a Nuke workstation with OFX plugins and here are the ones I’ve been able to see in the Node Library of a trial of Harmony 12 Premium (I didn’t try to render all of them) installed on the same machine.

The ones that were loaded by Harmony:

  • Genarts Monster
  • Genarts ParticleIllusion
  • New Blue FX plugins (trial version)
  • RE:Vision OFX plugins (trial version)
  • Motiva Real Perception (trial version)

The one who didn’t load in Harmony:

  • BorisFX (trial version)

There are some ofx plugins packaged with Nuke. I’ve tried setting up the environment variable OFX_PLUGIN_PATH to point to their path (C:\Program Files\Nuke9.0\plugins) and I’ve got Keylight and Furnace loaded too.

There is no artificial limitation in the trial version of Harmony 12 Premium with regards to OFX…they should work

Ah, yes. I have the full version of Harmony premium. It was the HitFilm 3 demo I was referring to. I suspect it might be a limitation of the Hitfilm trial.

hello Loong . You can share how you made to import the sapphire effects library, thanks

hi, adelmo83
I just install the OFX version genarts softwares in default path,
and run Harmony 12,
automatic load plug-ins.

I tried the HitFilm 3 demo (which includes an OFX bundle), but to no avail. Maybe it was a limitation of the demo version, though, so I’m not quite sure.

I will take a look at that. I did a quick try via an environment.plist and that did not work. Buried at the moment but I’ll take a look at it later and see if I can’t get it to work. I’ve not tried it on my Windows workstation but hopefully that is easier as adding environment variables is a lot easier.

Any OFX plugin outside of /Library/OFX/Plugins needs to have its path added to the environment variable OFX_PLUGIN_HOST in order to be detectable by an OFX host.

Setting up a global environment variables on OS X 10.10 is now a real pain (It’s fairly easy in previous versions). You can follow the steps described here to add one:


I have a MBP with Nuke 8.5 on it that has Furnace. The plug-ins are located at /Library/OFX/Nuke but Harmony 12 is not finding these. Is there some entry I need to make to a .plist in OSX to make it find them?

gentle bump to see if there is any news on additional ofx plugin support.

i urge toonboom to pressure the developers that are not yet compatible to get on the wagon. boris and red giant suites would be a real boon for harmony users with their vast number of tools and effects (at least red giant universe, which is free and in regular, active development).

would love to see an actual “supported” list somewhere on the toonboom site for plugins that are found to be compatible.

Does anyone know whether there is an OpenFX plug-in for volumetric shading that works on a Mac running Harmony?

Marie-Eve Chartrand, thanks so much for the list! and to all the other folks participating here, this is a useful discussion.

Hi o0Amopy0o,

I am unsure myself about the OpenFX plugin for Volumetric shading, but there is one thing that can be interesting. If you use plugins that require a Normal Map, Harmony provides you with a Normal Map Converter node if the vectors are used differently from Harmony in the OpenFX node.

You can find additional information about the Normal Map Converter here:



Hi Muchachotron,

We did some preliminary tests for some OpenFX plugins that work well with Harmony. This list is not official yet or complete, so there might be some little issues here or there. Once we have it, we will make sure to add it to the OpenFX topics in the documentation.

Genarts Sapphire
Genarts Monsters
Genarts ParticleIllusion

New Blue: Essentials
New Blue: Titler Pro 3

The Foundry KeyLight
The Foundry Furnace

RE:Vision DE:Noise
RE:Vision ReelSmart Motion Blur
RE:Vision Twixtor
RE:Vision RE:Map
RE:Vision RE:Match

Digital Anarchy: Beauty Box
Digital Anarchy: Flicker Free

Motiva RealPerception OFX

Frischluft Flair
Frischluft Lenscare

Color Symmetry