Harmony 12 on Windows exporting at 96dpi?

I’ve been working on my Windows computer using Harmony 12 and when I ‘Render Using Write Nodes’ all the png4 images export at 96dpi (1920x1080)
I need the images to export at 1920 x 1080 and 72 dpi. It exports at 72dpi on my iMac but when I change over to Windows it exports at 96dpi.

How do I fix this?

Also there is a lot of lagging when drawing, etc… when I’m working on my iMac which has High Sierra. I suspect the recent upgrades would be causing this?

DPI is not a measurement that has any relevance in animation
or animation software. It is a measurement mainly used in printing.

Here is how DPI works…
Say for example you have an image that is 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall
If you import is into an image editing software like Photopshop and print it,
at 100dpi your image will be one inch wide and one inch tall
at 50dpi it will be two inches wide and two inches tall.

Note that the image is still the same 100pixel by 100pixel image
that you may have exported from Harmony. What this means is
that there is no difference between the 1920 x 1080 image
exported from your Mac or Windows machine. What may be
different is the default dpi setting of the image editing software
you are using on both Operating Systems.

On the Mac at 72dpi the image will be 26.67inches by 15 inches
On Windows at 92dpi the image size would be 20 inches by 11.25 inches.
In both cases the image is still made up of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels,
it’s just that at 92dpi theses pixels (the dots that make up the image) are
packed tighter together than they would be at 72dpi.

Remember also that for a monitor, a pixel is a pixel. It’s only when
you print the image to paper that you decide to pack the array of
dots closer together (higher dpi) or further apart (lower dpi).
This is why on high resolution monitors everything looks smaller,
the same image or icon still uses the same amount of pixels to display
but you have a much larger grid of them.

So once you go into the image editing software on Mac and change it
to 96 dpi it will be exactly the same as your Windows export, or conversely
if you change the dpi setting of your Windows Photoshop image to 72dpi,
it will look exactly like your Mac export.

To be even more precise, PPI should be used instead of DPI. DPI is only used when printing. On a screen there are no dots, only pixels.

Unfortunately most design software gets it wrong, and confuses PPI with DPI.