Harmony 12 - "o" shortcut in timeline window

In harmony 10 we were able to expand a peg just by pressing O in timeline window (the same shortcut to find the peg/drawing you’ve selected). In harmony 10, pressing O will expand only the peg/drawing that is selected and not the ones below it like ctrl+I does. In harmony 12 it won’t work the same way, pressing O will only find the peg in your timeline without expanding it.
Anyone knows if it has now a specific shortcut?

I use Harmony 12 Premium and it works perfectly for me. When I press ‘o’ it expands the peg revealing the drawing. Have you made sure you are selecting the drawing, and not the drawing’s peg? Is the rectangle around the drawing pink or red when you press ‘o’? When you select the peg and press ‘o’ it will only find the peg and not expand to reveal the drawing.

Yes, if I’m selecting the DRAWING and press O it will expand the peg to reveal the drawing (my selected layer), but if you select the peg of the drawing and press O, it should FIND the peg in the timeline AND expand/collapse it just like harmony 10 does. It was a pratical way to not put keyframes in wrong elements…
Something I found out is that I’m using an older version of harmony 12 (12.0.0 ), I’ll upgrade it and see if anything changes.

EDIT - I tried the 12.2.1 version,… nothing changed so far…