Harmony 12 now available

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hello Bob… i still have a valid support plan with a permanent license, did an upgrade last year from harmony 10 to 11 and would like to know if i can upgrade now from 11 to harmony 12 for free? do i contact support? thanks!

Ive contacted support via email and the online form and still had no reply after 2 days, any help appreciated


if you have an active support plan and a harmony license, no worries you will be well taken care of just be patient i guess. i was also concerned about what would happen to my existing license/credentials, but the transition into the new licensing setup/terms is no sweat, and i find the new feature tiers and new maintenance subscriptions (again, transitioning from a harmony 11 license and active support plan, not a new purchase) to be quite reasonable and more affordable.

i also have licenses for animate 2 and animate pro 2, might consider upgrading those before i can’t do that anymore.

I have a valid Harmony 11 permanent license. I have a valid Animate Pro 2 Permanent license. I just went to the upgrade page on the ToonBoom website and I can upgrade from Animate Pro 2 to the new Harmony 12 Premium for $499 or… wait for it… I can upgrade from my Harmony 11 license to Harmony 12 Premium for a paltry $1185.

Would someone like to explain this to me because it really makes no sense to me.

I saw that also but I just called Philip and upgraded from 11 to 12 for less

Ha! I had a whinge about that on this thread and then deleted it when I calmed down. I have just finished paying off Harmony 11 and have a current support contract so I’m entitled to a free upgrade, however, if I had waited six months for Harmony 12 (didn’t know about it’s release) I could have upgraded from my version of Animate Pro 3 for only $499 instead of paying lots more $$$. I felt a bit sick when I saw the new upgrade prices, those $$$ would have come in handy! Over the years I’ve spent thousands buying/upgrading Toon Boom software and was always happy to do so (they are a business after all!) but these new upgrade prices really left me scratching my head, (and hyperventillating a little bit too). I could see loyal Harmony customers whose contracts have ended being super disappointed by this pricing too, but I’m sure Toon Boom will look after them if they contact sales.

Pls check your account, the Harmony 12 licenses should be there for those on Support.

That must be a glitch. Contact the sales department.

This posting by me was premature. The licenses are still being generated as of 4/16/15.

Got it all straighten out. Thanks ToonBoom!

Hi Bob,

What’s the upgrade path for folks who bought Harmony 11 on a pay per month plan?

I think the new subscription model as well as being transparent about full-license pricing is a good move. It should clear up any confusion about what costs what and why.

The price per month is the same for all, regardless of use/purchase history. The two purchase options (desktop subscription and perpetual license) are not “linked”. I hope that answers your Q.

Well, I’m still payin off ole’ version #11. I’m about halfway through. I’m just wonderin about folks like me, who are itchin’ to try out the new effects, etc.

Hi, what if you have a current support and maintence contract, what happens then? it runs until 31st august 2015



Harmony customers on current support and maintenance will get Harmony 12 Premium.

great, I have just informed support to upgrade to harmony 12

fantastic news…

thank you

what is the difference of:

Harmony 12 Essentials VS Animate PRO 3 ??

I am confuse ;(