Harmony 12 monthly pay?

Why? This is not going well for Adobe why would toonboom do this?

I’m an independent owner.

The reason it’s not popular with Adobe is because they don’t offer perpetual licenses like Toon Boom do. They ONLY offer subscription plans. Toon Boom give customers the option, which is fantastic. Some people like monthly payments because they couldn’t afford the software upfront. Some people have the money and want a perpetual license. Toon Boom are catering to everyone which is what Adobe should be doing.

I did not noticed that,.

The other big difference is that Harmony is one product, while Adobe is about 20 products. A casual user who only wants to dabble in photoshop and illustrator from time to time is treated the same as a heavy duty user who uses 8 programs (or 20) regularly. Harmony’s three tiers should help there.

For heavy users, I think most objections to Adobe CC are psychological rather than rational. I did the maths, and CC is cheaper than the previous Adobe model, unless you were prepared to wait more than about 5 years between upgrades, which most pros probably are not. Plus there are other benefits to the subscription model, like frequent updates.

I’m personally very happy with Adobe CC

I don’t think this is really comparing apples to apples though I am not sure I could thoroughly define what makes this different. The users are not comparable for one significant thing. Composing animation is a long comprehensive process. I believe the TB user is gaining access to more through this new approach than was previously available to them, at least those below the Harmony Premium level. Premium veterans may be gaining wider resource compatibility. A larger pool of users may become employable as it will no longer be restricted to those with access to the highest end tools. Users will have direct exposure to the pro level software and become familiar with some of it albeit limited yet the same. You certainly will be getting off on the right footing.

I think the perceived failure of Adobe’s Cloud is purely out of principle. Adobe cites good figures while some people present a case for opposition claiming it is a failure by describing feelings many share. People do not like having to have a subscription to retain use of proprietary files. They want to own the product they pay for not rent it indefinitely when many have already paid hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years. But you can subscribe to Photoshop alone for as little as $10 per month or any single app for $20 and $30 for the complete suite (current initial sale to end soon then $75) if you are already a CS license holder. Unlike animating, a casual PS or Illustrator user may only need the software for a week or two at a time.

Adobe has already said these intro prices can’t last forever. They are going to go up and all these proponents of the “cheap deal” are going to be stuck with no where to go.

Well that remains to be seen. Describing it so melodramatically is like making doom’s day predictions. We can all speculate. I’d say aside from the introductory sale ending the prices are not going to change dramatically and all of a sudden. Adobe doesn’t have to kill off its user base in the process of maintaining the product. They were not in trouble. They just switched cash flow models to one that is a growing trend. Only time will tell how well it works out. One way or another if Adobe becomes too expensive or even folds up people will find alternatives and there is the last CS.

I wondered the same thing but “perpetual license” is a common term in software that means the license does not expire as opposed to the software never becoming obsolete. I confirmed this with Toon Boom’s Bob Bennett. So you own the license and it does not change as you upgrade to new versions but you do not receive a lifetime of updated software in a perpetual license. That concept exists but I do not know the term for it. (Permanent license does not seem to be what TB calls it**) If I am not mistaken Animation Master has a lifetime license of infinite upgrades. Now at some stage TB may issue a new license for you if they change their serial number format for instance but the license itself is what does not expire.

Curious, is that permanent license for your business or are you an independent owner of the license? I imagine it costs a fortune.

** Toon Boom appears to define the term “permanent license” as a final license that replaces the temporary one used during an interim stage:



My question is what does TB define as a perpetual license? Does that mean if you pay for it you can use Harmony 12 forever without any additional payments OR does it mean you buy a license for Harmony regardless of the version–13, 14, 15, etc.?

I have a permanent license for Harmony 11 and can use it for the rest of my life, but TB generally comes out with a new version every year. So, if a perpetual license means that I can have Harmony regardless of the version, then I’d go with that.