Harmony 12 exporting art to Animate Pro 3 Question


I’ve had Animate Pro 3 and wanted to give the Harmony 12 trial a try. While trying out Harmony I created a character I’d like to keep. I just am wondering what’s the best choice I have to export out my character art I did in the Harmony 12 trial, to my Animate Pro 3…

I’d like to retain the vector aspect of the art… However it appears that while I can export PDF and SWF in vector, I can’t actually import those in Animate Pro 3.

I tried exporting PSD’s and importing them in Animate Pro, using a “vectorize import” option, but they still came in a bit pixelated.

Is the only option to do what’s discussed here:

I was avoiding that because I didn’t want to change my scene resolution, and I would prefer a vector option of some sort.