Harmony 12 Essentials not working

Hey, so i recently got the trial for Harmony 12 Essentials because it looked good. It was installed fine, but when i open it to create a new scene it says that it stopped working. I really want to try it. Does anyone know a way to fix this?

Its an error message that the program has crashed…It maybe only temporary. Try again to open and see whats happening when you open your scene. If its crashes again may you look what graphic card you have. If you have an integrated graphic card look at thoose:

try update display card driver to the lastest version.
maybe fix this problem.

On every trial all 3 harmony twelves not one worked properly. Haven’t had time to troubleshoot this I am speaking with support as I bought the yearly license and have yet to see it start. It’s obviously a common problem . I am only guessing, but it makes sense to me that it is a licensing problem, look to make sure you even have a license in your folder. my flemx:-) folder was empty so later when I have nothing to do but try to start a product from a usually solid company I will look to see where it installed the lic dat file or flexm. :-).or rather if it did at all? I am sure it is not a graphics problem for me.

Contact support and be ready to send the details of the crash report because
there are many and varied reasons why a software or specific project might

On Windows, go to the control panel and open the Event Viewer to examine
the Application Event Log and the System Event Log for info.

the same thing is happening to me i just paid and downloaded the software. i can get all the way to the start up screen and when i hit start scene it crashes. I’m a student so i don’t understand all of the different file types and names. is it something that I’m doing wrong or is it a problem with the software?