Harmony 12 Deformers

I recently upgraded from Studio 8.1 to Harmony 12 Essentials.
I really like the new interface and tools. However, I’m having some issues with the deformers. I’m able to set up and animate, but the issue comes during the preview/playback on the timeline. The first time it is smooth, but immediately becomes slow/choppy.
Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be my computer or a setting somewhere?


Usually depends on the flow characteristics of your computer work, the 64-bit version increases rapidly with the tool.
recommend this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2GGgxZv47A.

It may be too much for your graphic card to handle. Deformation requires your card to do quite a few calculations. Also for best speed results for playback use “Render and Play” from the Play menu or actually render export the movie and play it back in the Quicktime Viewer.

Playing back from the timeline will rarely be real-time as all the images need to be loaded into the graphic card’s memory. If that memory is exceeded the temporary files are written to disk and read from there. This is what causes the choppiness. Alternately try making a selection of only a subset of the frames and let it play-through once using the looping option. The first run-through will be relatively slow as the images are loaded into the graphic card’s memory but subsequent “loops” will be closer to real-time.