Harmony 12 compatibility


Are the 3 versions of Harmony 12 compatible with each other? Or at least the tvg files?

Tvg files created in Animate for example could not be used in Harmony.
I was wondering if it’s the same thing with the 3 versions of Harmony 12.

I would like to have more details on this.


Hi Edithosaure,

The fast answer is YES, all Harmony editions are compatible together.

We moved all of our animation products to the Harmony family to make all of our products compatible together. With the three editions of Harmony, we wanted to make sure every artist using our software would be able to use and collaborate with any other artists using any other software from us.

There is one thing to keep in mind though, the higher editions have functionalities that do not exists in the lower editions. However, projects are compatible and will open in the lower editions. Anything done with a functionality that is not available will be visible but not editable

I hope that answers the question.

That is amazing to me. Just to confirm, in theory people with Harmony Premium could contribute something advanced from the Premium level as well as people with Essentials contributing from the lowest level and everything would coexist with the only limitation being that the Essentials group would not be able to edit anything from higher levels of Harmony? If the case it is the ideal scenario. It is rare to see the ideal manifested anywhere in life. Usually there is some factor forcing a compromise if not just the failure to recognize the perfect scenario.