Harmony 12 - Camera movement BUG!

I have this issue. Camera won’t make proper movements.

Example: I have 100 frames long scene. I made a movement tween from frame 1-25 that only zooms in camera a little bit, then from 26-75 camera goes from right to left, and from 76-100 it zooms in again.
So, i have 3 tweens. And on tween 1 instead of only zooming in, camera moves to a side a little bit. On tween 2, camera goes down and then up a little bit (instead from right to left only). WTF is happening?

I tried making motion stop frames between every tween, but it doesn’t help. Same problem occurs every time. When i make 1 tween, everything is fine, but as soon as i add another tween, the first one goes wrong.

Does anyone have this issue? And hopefully a solution?

I’ve never had this problem in Adobe Flash…Didn’t expect to have this kind of problem in Toonboom…

P.S. I animate camera as in tutorials (camera layer with a peg, and i animate peg with ‘‘animate’’ and ‘‘transform’’ buttons turned on)

If you open up the Function window and look at the X, Y, and Z paths for the Camera Peg it probably does show those paths curving in and out through that keyframe at 25 and then again at frame 75. I am assuming that you made the tweens like this 1-25, 25-75, 75-100. If you don’t want that unwanted motion you could go to frame 26 and set a keyframe for the Camera Peg and make that motion tween between 26 and 75. Then at frame 76 make another keyframe and make the next motion tween between 76-100.

When I do that it eliminates the curves through the keyframes and the X, Y and Z paths are all straight lines as the camera moves.

The other way which is sort of not readily apparent is to go to the Function Window, highlight the keyframes for the X, Y, and Z paths at frame 25 and then click on the triangle that is to the right of the Frame and Value fields. When you do this the Tension, Continuity and Bias fields show up. That first field, the one with the icon that looks like a pyramid, type in a 1.0 and it will make the paths go straight through that keyframe. Do this again for the paths at frame 75.

Hope that is not too confusing. The first one is sort of a workaround but the second example is the way it is supposed to be done, but again, not real obvious.

Oh, and one last thing when in the Function window, make sure to uncheck the Path Velocity of the Camera peg. In my experience if I leave that checked and visible I can’t click the triangle and get the TCB fields to show up.

my guess is that you are not explicitly setting keyframes on the entire Peg with F6. using the Transform Tool with Animate button On will indeed automatically set keyframes, but only on those co-ordinates you have touched. for example, if you move the camera from the center to screen right, it will only put down a keyframe on the X co-ordinate leaving the Y and Z (not to mention rotation) blank. then, later down in time you animate the camera north, it will put a keyframe down only on the Y co-ordinate at that frame. what will happen here is if you started to play your scene back from frame 1, the camera will start moving in an unintended diagonal.

hope that helps!