Harmony 12 brush bitmap drawing disappearing (fixed)

I just upgrade to Harmony premium and I have a little problem:

cintiq 13HD touch, ATI card, Xeon computer,

when I draw with a bitmap brush/layer, keeps disappearing every time, but when I use the selection tool, I can select it. so this means that is visual?

the same with Storyboard pro 4 ;(

how I can fix this ?

I see both Harmony 12 and Storyboard Pro mentioned.

Do you have previous experience using everything successfully in Storyboard Pro at least?

Just a couple of ideas (I don’t have either to experiment with):

Harmony 12

Preferences => Render => Preview Options

Do you have Enable Line Texture checked?

Storyboard Pro

Preferences => Advanced => OpenGL

Do you have Enable Mipmapping on Bitmap Layers checked?

yes and yes ;(

before the Cintiq 13HD touch (I had it like 5 days only)
I had and intuos pro large, no problem with storyboard pro, or animate pro 3

I recently update to harmony 12 premium from Animate pro 3

I see that the latest Wacom drivers are dated early Mar 2015.

Have you compared the driver version you have installed?


thanks for your help o0Ampy0o

I only have 5 days with my wacom cintiq 13HD and I just downloaded the drivers 5 days ago…

maybe can be my ATI card, is not a new one, is an ATI FireGL v8650, so is not new, but is a PRO card, (2 or 3 years ago this card was $1200 us, now is just $100 JAJAJA, is good very good, games a full resolution, ufff, but, I don’t know what’s going on with harmony or storyboard pro and the bitmap brushes…still there in drawing or camera view, but I can no see the lines, I can selected…mmm is weird…

thanks again!

ok fixed, just was a setting option in Catalist:

in the ATI settings, I just disabled: “Catalist A.I.”

is an option about “optimizations” for every software. just that, and the brush is working good!!!

(just in case somebody have the same problem)