Harmony 12 Advanced: No Node View?

Hello! I’m very new to this product and currently doing the trial, and I was noticing that I didn’t have a Node Library or Node View. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Do you only get those if you buy the program or are they just somewhere that I can’t see? Or are they non-existent for this version?

Thank you!

The node view and node library are only for Harmony Premium unfortunately.

Check this link out which compares the differences between the three Harmony versions (scroll down the page a bit):


Ah this has been wrecking my head the past hour or two trying to learn tb harmony with the trial version of essential (usually work in maya) with some digital tutors training videos, which all use this area a fair bit from what i can see so far. i was going to subscribe for the basic version and try learn the program but ehmm yea i dont know now that’s a bit of a kick to the animation/rigging side of things for me at the moment.

I am learning with tutorials and harmony trial and there is not NODE VIEW. That is a shame for you harmony !!!