Harmony 12 (Advanced) Cutter Effect (Masking) on a Pegged Kayer


I am attempting to mask out part of a Peg layer, containing other drawing layers that make up various parts of a chatacter. I am used to Animate where there was a masking layer, but I understand that the Cutter effect does pretty much the same thing. However, I can not apply a cutter effect to the peg, it refuses to connect. I can apply it to individual drawing layer just fine, but it doesn’t seem to make sense to apply the same mask to the arm, body, head, etc. when I could simply mask out the entire pegged layer. I know in Harmony premium this can be fixed with a composite node, but seeing as the Advanced edition does not have the node view, I am a bit stuck.

And advice/insight would be appreciated!

I have no idea if this is even feasible, but can you group the whole thing not under a peg but as a group, and apply the effect?

Pegs are not affected by effects, pegs affect other layers with transformations. Peg are applied “over” the layers, while effects are applied “under”. A peg has only x, y, z information and keyframes, not art. As josephE_33218 says, the cutter should be applied to a group comprising all the layers you want to affect. I don’t have Advanced but you should be able to group all your layers on the timeline by right-clicking on them and select ‘group selection’. I think you don’t have the option ‘group selection with composite’ on Advanced? Then just add the cutter under the group as you’d do under a drawing.

Luis Canau

Wow, I did not even know the “grouping” function was a thing. I don’t believe that was a function in Animate and I have only recently started using Harmony and I understood the node view of the Premium edition but the Advanced edition I was lost. Thank you so much to the both of you!