Harmony 12.2 Trial Problem


I have recently downloaded the trial for Toon Boom Harmony 12.2. I have never gotten the chance to try out the program because after I create a scene, the program itself doesn’t show up, and when I open the program from the folder, I get an error saying “One or more arguments are not correct”.

Any way to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance.


I hope this helps with assisting with the problem.

Hi ArcadianWolf,
Could you still see File, Edit or other menus on the top of your screen ?
If so, please try to click on Windows/Restore Default Workspace.
Let me know if it works.

Thanks for replying.

Sadly, I do not. The program itself doesn’t open after trying to create a scene. The error doesn’t show up after that, but it shows up when I try to troubleshoot it through windows.

Hi ArcadianWolf,
Please send us a screenshot for more details about this error.

I just restarted my computer and reinstalled the trial. The same thing still happened.

I got a similar problem to this; only my error says there’s a problem with this software and it needed to close down; after I clicked new scene.


I am having the same problem as ArcadianWolf.

There can be several causes from conflicting (.dll) C++ libraries installed by OpenCL SDK
to conflicting effects plugin (New Blue Titler).

To obtain more information, go into the Windows Event Viewer from the Administrative
Tools of the Windows Control Panel. From there have a look at the Application event log
details of the crash report matching the time it last happened on your system.

Contact support with this info for directions on how to work around these issues.

Hi ArcadianWolf,
Did you try to uninstall the program, restart the computer then reinstall the software ?
Please let me know if it works.