Harmony 12.1

a welcome update! nice to see some of the functionality back into the deformation chains. an improvement even over the legacy version prior to 12.

errr…but the legacy script converter doesn’t seem to be doing its job! it converts them but then I cant get the bones to appear…?

looks like you have to express hit Show current deformer and hide all others. does nto seem to be able to view multiple deformers at the same time with legacy chains.


just downloaded the 12.1 version

Do I need to uninstall currently installed harmony 12 and install this 12.1 version? does it include everything or is it just an update for 12?
or do I just install 12.1 over existing version 12? :slight_smile:

first time for an toon boom update install for me so I have no idea how toon boom does their update installs…


yeah send your license back to the server, uninstall the old and install 12.1 and then reactivate. easy as that.

I found the same problem with showing more than one deformer. I’ll continue using version 12.0 until there’s a solution.

Use the “show current deformer and hide all others” with a multiple selection. That way you can show more than one deformer at a time.
I mean, for instance, select the torso, shift-select the left arm, the right arm…and then hit “show current deformer and hide all others”

yeah this is what you have to do. its slightly a pain because sometimes I’ll forget and it’ll zap a bunch of controls that I still want to show. in 12 they made showing deformation handles much easier in that all you needed to do was select any layer that was connected to the chain, and hit Show Controls. Previously you had to navigate up the hierarchy to locate the chain THEN hit Show Controls.

otherwise, this is a nice update and even makes adding new drawings to old chains easier than using the naming convention.

Great update to the deformers!

You should be able to install version 12.1 without uninstalling v. 12 or returning the license. The license should work for the current and previous versions (10, 11, etc.)