Harmony 12.1 stops working as soon as i open it

Hello everyone, you see, i have a huuuge problem

I just purchased toon boom harmony premium, i’m “getting” used to it 'cuz i’ve used studio before ( buts thats another story).

Right now i’m dealing with this problem, as soon i create a new scene, the program stops working so suddenly which doesn’t make any sense, both programs and computer are both new and have no reason to stop working, i don’t have windows 10, my computer is ROG Asus machine , so it’s needless to say im very well equipped.

*I’m from mexico, that’s why the image is in spanish, however i think everyone knows what that pop-up window means :frowning:

please help

As part of the basic support that everyone receives for purchasing Harmony Toon Boom will help you sort this out.