Harmony 12.1 Premium Node View Issue

Hello all,

I’m having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I’m working on drawing and rigging characters, and I’ve been working with the network/node view recently in Harmony 12.1. Unfortunately I’m now having an issue with my modules that I have no idea how to fix or what caused it.

Basically what happens is any time I try to move a cable from one module (say the head) to another spot on the composite, an extra empty node pops up that doesn’t connect to anything. This happens every time I move any sort of cable so over time the empty nodes build up until sometimes I get a dozen that are just sitting there and don’t connect to anything. The node also doesn’t disappear even if I just disconnect a wire from the composite.

Here’s a few screenshots of the problem:


There’s also an issue where if I move the drawing via the Timeline (the layer itself) it creates its own composite. Again I’m not sure why this is happening; I’ve looked up tutorials, help documents, FAQs and everything I can find and haven’t found an answer to this issues.

More screenshots of the composite popping up:


I checked my settings and haven’t been able to find anything that could be causing this but I’m relatively new to the node view so it’s entirely possible that I’m missing something. I’ve grouped a lot of my drawings together

If anyone could help that would be awesome. This is driving me a bit crazy.

This could be a graphic card driver problem - try updating yours.
If that doesn’t solve it, contact support to have a look.