Harmony 11

When will it be release and as I am on maintenance will it automatically show up on my downloads or do I need to make a formal request to sales/support?

I second this ? I have called a few times and no call back yet.

I sent an email this morning and it seems they’re processing a lot of requests. Email them and they’ll send you the process of updating.

Thanks. I sent them an email but I’ve yet to hear back. Version 11 looks to be pretty awesome judging by the tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube. Can’t wait to start using it.

They will more than likely do a lot of upgrade request next week. I say contact your representative. Whoever signed you up with Harmony.

But I tell ya, I am confused about this upgrade. Unless I am doing something wrong its asking me to type in stuff at a command prompt. Not your typical click on .dmg file to run install. Maybe because I am on the monthly installment plan.

Were you contacted by your rep to tell you the download was ready? I’d love to be able to work with this over the upcoming 4 day weekend.

I bought a renewal of my subscription and was told I’d be informed as soon as it was available.I was not and only knew of it when I received a piece of paper sent out from TB.

I think the delay is caused by all those who are eligible requiring new licenses and such.

TB is a small company so it will sadly take time.

Happy Canada Day…let’s hope it gets done soon.

You’ll need the latest license number, as usual, to activate Harmony and TB should also send you a link for the upgrade.

It seems like a lot of us are twiddling our thumbs but maybe it is best to wait for the bugs to be sorted out?


I received my download links. You have to check in your old license first. Have not done much with it yet besides fire it up but it looks pretty cool. Will hopefully have time today and this weekend to start digging into it in earnest. Love the innovation TB, keep it up.

I am running standalone, and have received the download file/checked in my old license etc. Looking through the installation documentation for osx, i am surprised how much of it seems related to the network version. Did you just install the dmg file or did you follow the many pages of shell commands etc to get it to work?

I have not installed it on my MBP, just my windows desktop. I’d heard that you have to issue some shell commands for an install but did not realize that was for the Mac version. I’m a bit surprised that they require that. While that is not difficult to do it’s a little disconcerting depending upon what they are requiring you to perform. I will have to install it to see what is going on.

The installation documentation I got was pretty much entirely devoted to the network version. I’m running it on a new Mac Pro with the latest version of Mavericks and I had only to open the DMG and drag the Harmony Standalone folder into my Applications folder, run the licenser and then open up the programs. Everything worked fine. No command line or shell commands needed. I was happily animating within a few minutes of receiving the link.

yeah no shell commands here. i recently installed harmony 11 on my Windows workstation with no fuss. ran the licensing wizard like usual, and off it went.

Updated to 11 on my mac book pro. It was very quick and easy with no issues as of yet

I just upgraded from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony 10 and now 11 and 11 runs extremely slow on my Mac Pro with Mountain Lion. Is there any way to increase how much RAM gets allotted to Harmony?