Harmony 11 Q: Can warped artwork be smoothly morphed?

Morphing isn’t always reliable and I’m not too interested in animating in the new grid fashion as it requires the grid to be locked down before starting, making revisions a forseeable nightmare.

I’m trying to build a case to convince our studio to upgrade to 11. If warp can be used on a duplicated drawing and be reliably morphed with just a few cont/line hints, this would be a gigantic asset.


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You should talk with the Toon Boom sales department. They were able to provide answers to my questions when I was shopping for software. If they did not have an immediate answer they tracked it down.

Thanks Ampy, though my experience doing just that years back ended with me receiving sales pitches to buy professional training when trying to determine an approach that wasn’t conventional. When working within a company pipeline using a build dept; having an intermediary tell me it’s being done wrong doesn’t help much with efficiency issues.

It’d be far preferred to have a discussion with someone who understands the software as an artist/animator that can determine potential workarounds. Especially because at the pace I have to learn and complete work, I need to cut out as many steps as possible and still have the scene technically legible.