Harmony 11, Overlay/Underlay

So how do you draw on the overlay layer or underlay layer in Harmony 11? It seems I can only aces line art/ color art?! It’s even missing from the Layer Properties.

Pretty sure such a core feature can’t be gone altogether.

Does this help:

Overlay : http://tinyurl.com/nurykgt

Underlay : http://tinyurl.com/pnrxvkk

No, what I can’t figure out is how to draw on those layers in either camera or drawing view.

There used to be 5 little icons at the bottom of the camera view to select witch ever layer you wanted. Now Overlay and Underlay are missing in action.


You should go to Preferences > Advanced and then check the box with the option “support Overlay and Underlay arts”. This default was changed from version 10 to 11.

OK, thanks a lot. It’s a big relief!

Thanks, I just needed to find this