Harmony 11 File Save error; losing Stage file

Ok, not sure if this a documented bug or not, but sent an email to support in addition to asking here.

Randomly, when scenes are saved, Harmony 11.1 will lose all files associated with the scene (most importantly, the Stage file), except for the folders. When you open the root scene folder, there are none of the normal additional files (no AUX, TBUP, ELEMENTTABLE, VERSIONTABLE, etc), just folders. And inside the folders, a few TGAs and PLTs floating around.

It has happened multiple times, on different computers. I’ve watched my students save, and they are saving correctly (ie not over a server, to a local hard drive, and are transferring their scene folders correctly)

We cannot reliably recreate the problem, and we cannot find any of the associated files that go missing (even doing a search for file names on the computer). The problem has happened on multiple PCs, but not the macs. We are running on Harmony 11.1

I am attaching screenshots of the empty root folder, and the few folders that do have some form of content in them.

Does anybody know if this is a documented bug, or if you have any troubleshooting tips we can try when we encounter this error again to recover the lost files?

Thanks in advance

Also, you can always contact support@toonboom.com to have a look and help trouble-shoot this.


I guess you create the file, but do not click save button to save it, so there is no *.tbup or *.xstage files.

following steps:
open Harmony stage software, in Welcome Screen window, create a new name project file,
project directory is local D drive, e.g. D:\ToonBoom\Harmony ,and when the stage windows display, use Brush tool drawing a few lines in Camera View, and click Save button icon.(or press Ctrl+S).
and check that file path folder.

If you still errors, send to me your toon boom error project file, I’ll check it.
my e-mail:

sorry, I didn’t see your description, you said when you save project file is OK on the local hard drive, but except on network drive.

I think the first thing you need to ask your network administrator to test whether your normal lan.

you told your students to save toon boom project files on a local hard drive, and then the entire folders manually copy to the network drive.