Harmony 11 Eraser Size

I like my eraser to be a different size than my brush or pencil. Where can I set this so that the eraser is not the ‘same’ size?

The documentation is not online yet, so any pointers would be great.

I really like v11 overall, very nice.

Yes this! This has been driving me nuts. I’ll point out that the eraser functions like it used to when you are working on a bitmap later, but not a vector one.

Thank you, Frank. Please post back here if you find something to help. I did find the online manual when I clicked on the splash screen link. It seems a little spare compared to previous material. I thought the overlay layer (not the plugin filter but the actual top layer of a drawing) use to self-matte using the line and colour layers. Now I can’t figure out how to do that either. I hope someone is publishing a list of routine things that work differently.

This linking only occurs between the brush tool and eraser.

I created a new tool preset for the brush tool and set a shortcut for it. You have to create the preset on the brush because you can’t create tool presets for the eraser. Then, in the preferences where you can change the keyboard shortcuts, I set the shortcut previously assigned to the tool preset as the same shortcut used for the brush tool (Alt+B is the default). A notification window comes up telling you that the shortcut is already being used for the brush tool, hit Duplicate and it will effectively assign that shortcut for both the brush tool and tool preset.

Basically, you are telling Harmony you want to use the brush tool and that tool preset at the same time without having to hit two different shortcuts. This leaves the eraser free to use the brushes in the tool properties window. I checked and the brush size can be changed independently as you are now changing the size on the brush for the eraser and tool preset for the brush.

Note: in preferences, you can now also set keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the size of the brush so you don’t have to use the slider bar. (personally I made them the same as photoshop since I’m between those two programs a lot)

You can use the “Tool Presets” toolbar to save your custom eraser and even save it to a shortcut key.

Well I that was working…now it’s not.

I had this problem too, but I just installed the last version of Harmony11 (build 9565) and the problem has been fixed and now te size of the pencil and the eraser are independent.

Hope this helps.

I Sent a ticket since I figured it was a bug, however they came back with the ‘Tool Presets’ as well. I did try and no, the tool preset does not allow for an eraser preset. Select tool, yes, brush and pencils, ditto… but the eraser is not part of it.

I did attempt to create a macro where I’d have a set brush size then select the eraser automatically but getting back to the previous brush size meant having ANOTHER pre-programmed macro of shortcuts.

And even then, it does not work too well.

if a more efficient solution comes up, i’m up for it… it’s really debilitating to only have TB be the odd one out when it comes to brush/eraser size.