Harmony 11: Brush+shift strange behaviour

When I’m using the brush tool, start drawing and press the shift key (with some smoothness), it beggins to make things like in the image attached.

This is something that worked great in 9.2 and is making the transition to 11 quite hard.

The desired output, and that’s how it use to work before, is a smoothed BRUSH line.

How can this be accomplished?


I must insist on this one. This is affecting our pipeline quite badly.


I did not notice your post from 2/24/15. I just checked this in Animate Pro 3 and it worked as you have described using both the Pencil and Brush tools. Now checking the User Guide I do not see the shortcut listed. It doesn’t appear in Harmony 11’s list either.

Just to confirm, I believe you are talking about how holding the Shift key while drawing a line with the Pencil or Brush produces a straight line.

I know it exists in Animate Pro 3 and everything Animate Pro shares with Harmony usually works exactly the same way. However, here it is described as Shift + Alt for a straight line in Harmony 11 which I suggested in an earlier post:

Hold [Shift] + [Alt] to draw a straight line.


If I understand you correctly you want Line Building Mode activated.

This is only available with the Pencil Tool.


I did not find a keyboard shortcut specifically referencing this mode but there are a couple that might be similar. The flatten and remove extra lines sounds too drastic but it could work.

Command/Cntrl + Shift + F

If on the other hand you want straight lines with the Brush Tool

Try Alt + Shift

Alt + Shift + S is smooth

Didn’t see it for Harmony 11 but in my Animate Pro 3 plain Shift is a straight line with the Brush Tool.

It worked as I said in Harmony 9.2 and Harmony 10, also in Animate Pro 2.

The mechanic is something like this: you MUST be drawing and whilst the pen is down press shift, it makes a straight line (until you release shift), you can continue and repeat the press/release . Once the pen is up the lines adjusts acordingly to the smoothnes of the brush.