Harmony 10 and Cintiq 22HD


I’m trying to use Harmony to create layouts/backgrounds with a Wacom Cintiq, but boy it IS annoying.

First, the cursor offset problem - which seems to be a normal thing for Cintiq users - I was able to solve it by removing all drivers and installing all Wacom related software again.

Still, after a while the problem re-appeared. Since I don’t want to remove and re-install all Wacom software everytime this happens, I tried to remove only the user preferences and then restore them. It worked, but I still have to do this on EVERY SINGLE session of Harmony.

And now, I just noticed that everytime that I fix the cursor offset problem, the spacebar/pan stops working out of nowhere. Is this a known problem? If so, how can I fix it? Thanks in advance.

i had this issue myself once with 10 and my cintiq. turns out there was a wacom preference file that i was re-using with each re-install. i went with fresh install of the wacom driver and didn’t use the backup wacom pref and i was good to go. hope that helps.

I’m rocking the Cintiq 22HD Touch… and has worked perfectly since the day I hooked it up.

I do a fresh instal of my computer every 8 months or so… I recommend it. That is, backup and wipe everything - re-instal your operating system, (monitor should work now,) and each program one by one. Betcha it’ll work perfect after that :slight_smile: Hope that helps!