Harmony 10.3- Deformer Rigging Problem


I’m trying to test out the deformer rigging process on one of my characters, but am running into some issues. I’m new to setting up rigs, so I’m not sure if it is something on my end.

I was following the tutorial from Digital Tutors on how to use it, but when I go to move the deformer, my characters body part goes crazy.

The image to the left is before moving the deformer, the image to the right is after I moved a couple points.I also selected “Copy Resting Position” and it didn’t seem to make a difference…

hi, hannahb88.
you lose an important step:
you need select deformation moudle in network view,
and then press the “copy resting position to current” button.
try it.


That worked! Thanks :slight_smile: