Harmoney Maya 3d Camera

Ive noticed a few discussions from a few years ago regarding the importation of cameras from Maya. Most of these are over 5 years ago and Im wondering whether anyone could provide further insight into how to get this working and if there are any new techniques/tools to go about doing.

I am at a studio with dedicated 2d and 3d animation teams and camera interoperability is critical. Has anyone had success with this process? We have licenses for Harmony Premium and Autodesk Maya.


I have used the following scripts for exporting/importing:

Maya/Python: http://bit.ly/2LhYIQH
Harmony: http://bit.ly/2Lh0fWY

It looks as though it imports, but the values don’t appear to line up. I am assuming that there are issues with scale, rotation order or something like that?

Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction as to what these discrepancies might be?

Back in the Attribute Editor for the Maya camera, the way we get the right sensor size or film arrange for our camera door is to set the Film Gate ascribe to “35mm Full Aperture”. This is really a preset that sets the “Camera Aperture” credit to 0.980 x 0.735. Law Essay Writing Service