Hardware suggestions?

It’s the end of the year and I want to treat myself to some great hardware to support drawing directly on a screen. I’m wondering, with the pros in here (I’m just a hobbyist), should I get a Tablet PC to use with Animate or should I buy a Wacom Cintiq addon? The price for the Cintiq is almost the same price as a whole Tablet PC, what’s up with that? Can someone recommend something for me? I have an Intuos 3 pad and that’s not sufficient anymore because I have to coordinate with my monitor and that’s getting REALLY annoying now that I’m getting better with animation. Can someone advise me?

I’ve had to make the same decision. I can do rough animation fine with an Intuous tablet but doing cleanup is nigh impossible.
After asking around to various animator friends I’ve ordered a Cintiq. I’ll post how it goes but I’m excited!

I’m waiting 1 more week then just going to DO it. I’m leaning on a 21ux Cintiq myself.

If you have touched a 21 inch Cintiq you might find it hard to go a Tablet PC as you don’t usually get the same precision. You have to really check which Tablet PC you get as a lot of them seem to have issues with proper pressure sensitivity. Check in the Digital pro forum as I vaguely remember some threads about Tablet PCs.

Thanks for answering. I actually had to borrow my Doctor’s TabletPC (installed Animate on it) to see if I liked it and I did not like having to scroll here and there and zoom in/zoom out all the time just to add a line here or there. It was very annoying so I just went and bought the Cintiq 21ux. No complaints-well the corners or the screen are a little funny, but I haven’t mastered it yet. Man, I’m finishing my characters in 5 minutes and no need for paper/scanning. I still haven’t gotten over my import files looking blurry in Animate, but if I draw directly into Animate nothing’s blurry at all.