Hardware Issue

Does anyone know of an incompatibility between TBS 3 and either a Matrox RTX 100 Xtreme Pro Video capture card or NVidia Geforce 6600 Graphics Card (or both). We only have 1 copy of TBS which crashes whenever you try and either import or rescale an image. I have tried uninstalling it and putting it onto another machine which is the same spec (P4 3.4GHz 1GB RAM, 128MB GFX card) , though newly installed with windows etc and it still crashes. We have PC’s from another vendor with the same Intel 915 motherboard but no video capture card and it works fine on those including using exactly the same images and TBS file. Unfortunatly this user has to use the PC with the extra cards in. Does anyone have a solution for this problem - I have all the latest drivers for the hardware installed.




This issue concerns your graphic card. There is a bug with DirectX and the GeForce 6 family video card.

Change your display settings to OpenGL in TBS to fix the problem.

Go to the edit menu and select Preferences. Click on the display tab and select OpenGL instead of DirectX.