Hardware Issue (framerate drop)

I downloaded a trial version of Toon Boom Storyboard possibly for preproduction work with Studio. I didn’t really see the appeal at first, but once I began discovering the brushes that look and feel like real pencil as well as appreciate the faster workflow than other alternatives, I quickly went from drawing solid stick figures to sketching more naturally, like I would on paper. I was filling in more detail with a lot of cross-hatching.My question is this, the more I started drawing in heavier detail, the more I noticed that when I would move the drawing around the screen using the GRABBER or the “PAN” tool, it would move in very choppy, delayed frames. I have no issues with stability at the moment.With that, I believe this to be a hardware issue of me needing a video card and not something like more RAM (currently I have 2GB). The only video acceleration I have is the integrated, on-board Nvidia 6100 support from the motherboard.I’m looking for a second opinion to see if I’m on the right train of thought. Hope that’s enough information to distinguish.

Hi,One thing for sure is that if you are using textured pen (which I suspect you are from the explanation in your message) the panels will get much heavier very fast. Depending on the method you are using to create your panels you may benefit in doing a flatten (if you are very sketchy and cross-hatched and draw over and over on the same line it is worth it, if you have a pretty clean line drawing flattening may actually make the image heavier since it will make a huge bitmap texture for the whole panel). For sure a better video card would improve the speed at which the display will refresh which will speed up the grabber and pan tool so if you have the option to upgrade it that might be a good thing to do it. Best regards,Ugo