Hard drive crashed. How to send License back without hard drive?

Hello. So I had to get a new hard drive and install windows and everything again. I am trying to activate my Harmony 14. But I need to return the license. I can’t return it because it’s not on this computer… It’s on my dead hard drive… is there a way to return it if something like that happens? I can’t seem to find it or figure it out. I e-mailed toon boom but haven’t got a response yet.

Just trying to solve this as soon as possible. I got a lot of work to do this week.

Thank you,


EDIT: When I login to the Toon Boom Activation Wizard I see the product licenses in my account. It says Harmony 14 premium. Already Installed. I select it and the activate all or return all button is still grayed out.

Unfortunately support need to reset it for you JeffieJeff. When did you email them? In my experience they are usually pretty quick getting back to you. I’m in Oz and usually hear back within 24 hours. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Oh okay. Thanks for letting me know DessieX. I’ll wait another day and see if they respond.

Are you speaking of a subscription or a perpetual license?

A failed hard drive is one of a few scenarios Toon Boom addressed by allowing several activations without formally returning licenses (at least this is how it worked with my perpetual license).

I utilized it when my hard drive crashed with Harmony 12 installed. I just did a fresh install of everything on a replacement drive and had Harmony up and running as though it had never been activated. I wondered how that was possible and was informed that TB prepared for these situations.

Has this changed since Harmony 12?

Does this work differently with a subscription license?