Handwriting type effect by using mask/cutter

There was a post about how to do this in the toonboom forums and I thought it would make a great tutorial as it uses a number of different tools that Animate has. It is done in the standard version but can be followed using the cutter instead of the mask in Pro. To see how to use the cutter in pro have a look back at my eyelid tutorial.

I have a couple more tutorials coming very soon. An intro to the tone and highlight tools and scripting tutorial which hopefully act as a good starting point for those interested in scripting.

Just use the links below my post.

Any suggests for future tutorials welcome.

TheRaider could you please do a tutorial on how to make a reflection in water, but make it looks like the water is moving, so the reflection gets morphed in different ways? thanks this would realy help me ;D

Running water seems like a cool thing to do. I will do some tests to see if I can come up with something good.

The reflection would be easy in pro cause of the refract module. Morphing sounds like a good way to go in standard.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Do you have a link to a youtube video or something for the actual style?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCxPEB-uu20&feature=fvst it is at 3:22, when you see biteys reflection, thanks a lot

Oh yeah Bitey is cool :smiley: He does tons of water effects, I think it is his favourite thing to do.

My next tutorial will be scripting (it is already recorded just need to upload it) but i am definitly going to do some tests to try do a tutorial like this.

awesome! thanks ;D


Where is that tutorial you talk about? I just popped into see if I could find something of this effect. Not finding it in my search.

best way currently to see all my tutorials (i now have 44 videos up!) is go to my channel, go to grid view and then choose see all.

I assume you are talking about the tutorial for the mask?


That is the link to the first part. Then just follow the suggestions to parts 2 and 3.

Hey Adam Philips (creator of Bitey) has a live stream which demonstrates how to do water refractions perfectly in Animate Pro. Check it out