hand tool/trackpad?

hey all. i posted about this elsewhere but got no response. i recently upgraded to harmony advanced after working in toon boom studio for some years. it’s been pretty smooth, i can learn all the extra stuff fairly quickly. but this is driving me crazy, and either it is simple and i’m just not getting it, or it’s just the way harmony is.

when i work with my wacom tablet, i like to be able to scroll around the view in toon boom using my trackpad on my laptop. it helps me bolt to areas of the view fast. this is the same in photoshop. but software like manga studio, and apparently harmony, won’t let you do that. using my trackpad in harmony only zooms in and out on the view – not all around, as i’d need to. that can be done via the hand tool. but after so long working with the trackpad (which is much easier than holding down the space bar and combing the view with the hand tool frequently), i just can’t switch. other software like manga studio have this same thing, where the trackpad allows you to zoom in/out, but not all around. is this something in preferences? a shortcut of some kind? i’d like to be able to switch back to scrolling around the view, as the hand tool would, via my laptop trackpad (and presumably a mouse, if i had one).

can ANYONE help on this??

update: this feature within harmony advanced is called “free pan and zoom” according to the shortcuts. studio had no such shortcut, you could just freely roam the view rather than zooming in/out. still looking for an answer to this. is there any way to override that and be able to “free pan and zoom” via the trackpad or mouse?

Do you want to get around the keyboard shortcut and the zoom or just the shortcut? One way might be to utilize custom assignment features using Intuos tablet preferences. Animate Pro has Touch interface options in the General section of Preferences. (Currently I do not have my system with Harmony Premium up to check Harmony). As for a track pad or mouse I do not have a suggestion.