hand drawings

hey hows it going? im thinking about buying toon boom and was wondering about a few things. can you animate hand drawings that have been scanned? do you have to draw everything in toon boom or on the computer? i want to mostly animate drawings i do on paper

Please have a look at “JK’s” marvelous 3-part “Cut-Out-Character” tutorial:


Yes you can, I haven’t done that yet but you can take scanned drawings, even photos and import them into toonboom studio. I prefer to draw digitally to save paper and space for designing and illustrating. This program strongly supports more traditional animation styles.

David L. Berge,
Author of “Children Of Mars” novel serious,

You can scan colored drawings and import them for editing purposes, you can scan pencil as a template for cleaning and colorize in TBS (vector mode), you can scan solid black line drawings, vectorize in TBS and painting. You can cut back your art on TBS for putting a 2d puppet rigged, which will have the necessary tools. I hope to help you. Yoryo.