Halftone Shading (PLS HELP!)

Dear Toon Boom forum,

I have been looking, for a very long time now, on how to effectively use halftone for a current project i’m working on. I know it is possible to do it in post production, but it would really help me if i could do it now.

Basically, what i want is the halftone shading to look like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_JDXKuaTd7tY/TBNId_wL4MI/AAAAAAAAADc/gfoCBwsheII/s1600/RGBHalfToneExample.png

I originally thought this kind of thing would’ve been as simple as uploading a texture and using texture brush, however, my texture source with a perfect black and white alpha for some reason didn’t work, the COMPLETE transparency was no where near 0%, being closer to a murky 50%.

Please TB forum I BEG for your help, I really have tried and read for solutions, but i cannot find anything. If I could just get the texture to work properly, then my problem would be solved!!

Well, I would create a a bitmap-texture with alpha-channel (transparent background)
in Photoshop, or else… size about 100 x 100 pixels… similar to the shading example…

Import this PSD-Image as Texture-Brush into the Colour Palette…

Make sure to activate Tools / Draw Top Layer…
This will make sure one creates a continuos texture area (flatten the brush)

Create a new, fairly large brush and apply the shading to the character…

When ready, select Edit Texture from the Tools Menu, select the Texture
and scale and resize as long as needed…


Nolan Scott thanks for the help!
It amazes me that one must put the texture in colour palette, rather than the tool properties texture box, ah well, you saved my life!
Interesting how big the texture is (8 times normal size), however this is as simple as resizing psd.

Thank you very much, you’re a life saver.
I was starting to think i’d have to import the exported image sequence into photoshop and use colour halftone filter on every frame!

once again, cheers.