Halftone Shading (PLS HELP!) (also in general thread)

Dear Toon Boom forum,

I have been looking, for a very long time now, on how to effectively use halftone for a current project i’m working on. I know it is possible to do it in post production, but it would really help me if i could do it now.

Basically, what i want is the halftone shading to look like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_JDXKuaTd7tY/TBNId_wL4MI/AAAAAAAAADc/gfoCBwsheII/s1600/RGBHalfToneExample.png

I originally thought this kind of thing would’ve been as simple as uploading a texture and using texture brush, however, my texture source with a perfect black and white alpha for some reason didn’t work, the COMPLETE transparency was no where near 0%, being closer to a murky 50%.

Please TB forum I BEG for your help, I really have tried and read for solutions, but i cannot find anything. If I could just get the texture to work properly, then my problem would be solved!!