This doesn’t really pretain to animation but it kinda does anyway In my film it has a chemical half-life involved in it.I want this part dealing with the half-life to be as accurate as possible. I know the basics like a half-life is the amount of time it takes for a chemical to decay. So I have a question Can the atmosphere like cold weather or warm weather activate a half-life to make a chemical decay faster.
Sorry for this Science question Thanks.

I don’t believe so. As far as I remember, a radioactive element with a half life of say one year, will loose half its mass over the course of a year. Then half again over then next year & so on. I don’t believe atmosphere or temperature comes into play. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that radioactivity is the issue, not external forces.

Well if your unsure can anyone else confirm the environment has no effect.

Half-life is a reliable method of dating the age of materials and therefore would be useless as a reference if it were affected by environmental conditions. And you definitely get the award for the most off topic question posted to date. But I hope this explanation helps you out as you have tapped the full extent of my inner Cliff Claven. -JK