H17 Transform Tool Bug - Handles always in camera center


Every time I use the transform tool, the handles keep appearing at the center of the camera view, instead of being around the pivot of the peg like it used to be. This is happening even in rigs where the Transform Tool used to work the right way.

Moving the rig in any way does not affect the location of the handles, that keeps resetting to the center of the camera view the moment I deselect ans select it again.

The amount of zoom at the moment I select the peg affects the size of the handle.

I have tried restoring all settings to the default and even uninstalling and installing Harmony 17 and this problem persists.

You can download a video where I show all of this happening here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1v4riebu2udx3n/Transform%20Tool%20Bug%20-%20compressed.mp4?dl=0

Thank you!