H15 Remove contour strokes doesnt work

Drawing/ Optimize/ Remove contour strokes, is basically a quick option to delete invisible lines. I use it all the time to clean up my drawings.
In H15 on windows, this doesn’t work anymore on lines done with the pencil strokes with zero width but work fine with stroke tool. Any advice?

Hi Miu,

Are you on Windows 10?

Do you get the same result with Remove Extra Strokes?

I reported the possible bug. I will let you know if ever it is an issue or if there is a work around.

Thank you!


Hi Miu3,

those lines in question, have they been drawn with a value 0?
Are they done with the Stroke or Close Gap tool? Or even with the Auto Close Gap option available in the Tool Properties of the Line, Rectangle, Ellipse of Pencil tool?

Your answer will make a difference in our reply.


All strokes where I can manipulate the width will not be removed when set on 0. This was possible in H14.
Lines specifically are drawn with pencil won’t respond to it.
Only stroke and close gap and auto close gap lines get removed in H15 with “remove contour strokes”.
I have not noticed any effect with Remove extra strokes in both versions…
I use windows 7 ultimate

Hi Miu3,

I was able to reproduce your issue and logged it into our database at Toonboom. The issue happens on both Mac and Windows in both Camera view and Drawing View. Which makes it more difficult to find a workaround… For now, I can’t suggest you anything as simple as this action.

There was a change made in H15 about the maximum size of lines drawn at 0 or change to 0 and this change brake the behavior that you are mentioning.

Thank you, hopefully it will get fixed soon