H12 Premium cannot get MAYA to batchrender

I am using OSX 10.10
Mac Pro D500 6 core late 2013

MacBook Pro 2014 OSX 10.10
Harmony 11.2

I’ve tried following the terminal script as described by TB for both but all I get is the same on both for 11.2 or 12 Premium:

Toon Boom Harmony
Stage (Stage) version 11.2.0 build 10167 2015-04-17 13:41:33

Starting mailbox server [51166]
Platforms detected: Apple
PLUG_Polish help view
Scene successfully opened
LOG: GL Vendor/Renderer: NVIDIA Corporation/NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M OpenGL Engine
FBX version number for this FBX SDK is 7.2.0
FBX version number for file /Users/ELR/Documents/tri3/elements/27MAY2/27MAY2-1.fbx is 7.2.0

Animation Stack Information
Number of Animation Stacks: 1
Current Animation Stack: “Take 001”

Animation Stack 0
     Name: "Take 001"
     Description: ""
     Import Name: "Take 001"
     Import State: true

Begin Maya rendering.
No maya batch session running, starting one for module MayaBatchRender!
Executing : ‘maya -batch -script /tmp/d1119/scriptmodule-tmp-0000000001.mel’
Waiting for response from Maya Batch Server.
mental ray for Maya 2014
mental ray: version, Sep 12 2013, revision 204885
Did not receive response from Maya Batch Server!
End Maya Rendering.

What am I doing wrong?
Windows is so much easier.

Anyone have an idiots guide for OSX?